Greendash Environomical Solutions Private Limited, a Techno Economical organization focusing on Environment, Health, Safety, Fire Protection and Sustainability. Greendash is a competent institution under Factory Act from CIFB, Rajasthan. As per factory act periodic testing of following equipments from competent person is mandatory.
1. Pressure Vessels (Section 31)
2. Safety Belts (Rule 65 C)
3. Power Press (Section 21 (2))
4. Lifts & Hoists (Section 28)
5. Lifting tools & tackles (Section 29)
6. Confined Space (Section 36)
7. Thermic Fluid & Heater (Rule 65 LL)
8. Building Stability (Section 6)
9. Safety Equipments (Rule 100) etc.

To ensure safe operation of your equipments and statutory compliance get it tested today by our team of experts.
Greendash is Approved Training center under Factory Act Section 111 A (ii) for providing trainings to your employees on Safety, Environment, First Aid topics.
Our motto is to provide quality solutions to our business partners on economical cost.
We are working towards our mission of creating sustainable organizations.
Our team ensure that the requirements of our business associates are met in an effective, environment friendly and economical way.
Our experts along with your team will examine your PROBLEMS through an environomical framework and develop measurable strategies and tactical action plans, we can help you to take advantage of opportunities in a rapid and cost-effective manner.
Greendash is one of the best company of its kind in the region, Where we are committed to improving our portfolio and presence through a technically savvy, morally and ethically based staff that understands the importance of delivering quality regardless of how big or small the project is.

At Greendash we are offering the following solutions for various applications.
1. Water & Wastewater Management
2. EHS Management System Design, Implementation, Audit, Gap Assessment, Trainings, Documentation etc.
3. Personal Protective Equipment :- Process analysis, Suggestions, Improvement, Gap study.
4. Fire Prevention & Protection Management
5. Compliance Management
6. Sustainability Management
7. Corporate Social Responsibility Projects


To help organisations in improving their EHS footprint at environomical way.


Develop environomical solutions to business needs and
Improving the awareness in the organisations to reduce / eliminate the EHS & Fire hazards/ risks.
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