Fire Training

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Benefits of fire safety training in the workplace

Why is fire safety training in the workplace important?

Fire awareness and understanding practical fire safety is a life skill. Being able to recognise fire hazards, deal with emergency scenarios and act in a way that reduces danger and risk can save lives.

Fire safety training is an important investment that will improve safety and preparedness in the workplace. As an employer, you may feel there are more pressing issues and worthwhile outlays than fire safety training courses but the value of ensuring your staff are confident and prepared to act in an emergency doesn’t have a monetary figure. Furthermore, employers have a legal duty under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Reform 2005 to provide staff with relevant fire safety training.

Fire safety training in the workplace is important for multiple reasons and by ensuring your employees receive in-depth and honest fire safety training, you can improve multiple aspects of your business and employee welfare.

What are the benefits of fire safety training?

Employee safety
This is easily the most obvious reason to perform fire safety training in the workplace. Employees are the tireless motor that keeps your company driving forward and if you don’t look after them then you’re neglecting the core of your business.

Employees that don’t feel confident about fire safety plans are less productive because they’re distracted and unsettled. Employees should always feel safe in the workplace and these feelings of security extend to visitors and customers. Fire safety training influences peace of mind in a big way.

After all, fire safety isn’t just about firefighting and evacuation, it’s also about preventing fires, fire protection and recognising potential hazards. Fire safety training reduces the likelihood of fires starting and gives employees the confidence to deal with emergencies. Employees that have fire safety training will be able to act accordingly to keep themselves and others safe.
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